The best place to catch a concert in London might be a stranger’s living room

Eight or nine times a year, Londoner Tim Turner rolls up his rugs, hides his valuables and invites around 40 strangers into his living room for an intimate evening of music. “They're so much fun, I hardly go out to concerts any more – they come to me,” said Turner, 55, who says he has tinnitus from overdoing it at live shows in the past. “It's just really really wonderful.” Turner is one of a growing number of Canadians attending or hosting “house concerts,” held in people's living rooms rather than in music halls or bars.  And although the concept of playing music in a small venue is nothing new, the popularity of house concerts has grown as audiences seek a more intimate listening experience, according to Laura Simpson. Simpson is the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based co-founder of Side Door, an online matching service for house concert hosts and artists. Simpson spoke to CBC News from the Austin-based music festival SXSW, which she used as a point of contrast. Read more here >>>

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