The challenges of running a business from home

Elys Poppy’s sauce business consumes so much time that she hasn’t been on holiday in seven years. “It’s hard to switch off when you’re the only one running a company and have to sort out production, sales, accounts and everything else,” says the founder of The Sauce Queen. “I don’t employ anyone, so I’m always working, which makes it impossible to get away.” Compounding the situation is that she runs the operation from her County Durham home. “Stress gets amplified when there’s no one around to share it with,” she explains. “Owning a business brings a lot of joy, but it can be lonely.” Many start-ups are launched from the convenient, rent-free confines of a kitchen or spare bedroom, with an estimated two in every five (38pc) UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) run from home, according to a study from Barclays. The practice is gaining in popularity, with the number of so-called “homepreneurs” increasing by 3pc over the past five years. Read more here >>>

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