The Okinawa diet could help you live till you’re 100


Emilia Mazza For Daily Mail Australia A diet that turns the tables on trends that suggest eating fewer carbs is better for you has emerged as the latest way to lose weight and live longer. Residents of the Okinawan region, a group of islands situated in the southernmost part of Japan, have been celebrated for having one of the world's highest rates of people living beyond the age of 100. This has been attributed to their diet, which had a ratio of 10-1 in favour of carbs to protein. In recent years, the number of Okinawans living past 90 has significantly dropped, with medical research saying this is because of a change in diet and the consumption of more processed foods. Sweet potatoes are a staple of the Okinawan diet, an eating plan that favours a ratio of 10 servings of carbohydrates to one serve of protein (stock image The diet, in its traditional form, includes sweet potato as a staple food as well as a high number of yellow and green vegetables. Protein is eaten in minimal quantities and is generally soy or fish. Read more here >>>

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