Tom Brady shares his ‘retirement plans’ on ‘The Late Show’

With CBS airing the 2019 Super Bowl, Stephen Colbert was able to corral quite a collection of New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams players to appear on “The Late Show” to answer pretty standard questions in pretty strange ways. The longest-running joke in the segment came from Brady, who was asked what he planned to do when he retired from the NFL. “After football, I’m going to play baseball,” Brady said. “And after baseball, I’m going to play Hamlet.” Brady then held up a skull and began passionately reciting Hamlet’s famed soliloquy from the Shakespeare tragedy. As the segment continued, Patriots players gave their jokey answers to serious questions, with Brady waxing poetic throughout. Among the highlights: Julian Edelman getting deep on how much he can bench, with “bench” referring to how many birds he can feed while sitting on a park bench, Rob Gronkowski on the one product endorsement he had to turn down (“Endicott’s Puppy Meth: when you want to give meth to your puppy”), and twins Devin and Jason McCourty on the hardest part of their job (“Trying to figure out which end of the football is the front, and which is the back”). Read more here >>>

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