Union Co. man warns others about online pet scam

Posted: Feb 18, 2019 05:26 PM CST A Union County family is warning others after falling victim to an online pet purchase that turned out too good to be true.  For this Sturgis family, it wasn't until they shelled out more than $1,000 that they realized it was too late and now they're fighting to get their money back along with lost hope. When Peter Van lost one of his best buddies a few weeks ago, he was left with heartache, “We had a set of pugs, twin brothers and one of them passed away,” said Peter Van.  The pair was inseparable. So Van wanted to get a new friend for his other dog, Cyrus.  He found a company, Green-Field Pug House, claiming to be from California online selling a pug for $600. After sending over the money, he was told the dog would be shipped the next day but issues began to arise.  “Said look there's an issue with weather, the crate the dogs in isn't good enough. You need to rent another. It's a refundable fee as long as the crate's not ruined. Read more here >>>

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