Victims of ‘romance fraud’ lost a staggering £50MILLION last year


Jane Denton For Thisismoney British victims of ‘romance fraud' lost over £50million last year, findings from Action Fraud warn as Valentine's Day approaches. In 2018, the average sum of money lost by a victim of romance fraud came in at £11,145, marking a 27 per cent increase on the year before. In one case, a woman lost around £10,000 to a man who claimed to be in the army needing money for a box of belongings to be returned to the UK. Be careful: Unsuspecting singletons can easily come across fraudulent crooks online (file pic) The online crook gained the woman's trust by talking about getting married and buying a house together, but she became suspicious and contacted the Foreign Office, which confirmed it was a scam. The woman had used a loan and her private pension to cover the money she had sent to the scammer. Romance fraud can happen to anyone, but the average age of victims last year was 50. Read more here >>>

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