Warriors highlights: Draymond Green responds to Rockets’ pre-game chatter

The Houston Rockets are a well meaning bunch, but they have a nasty habit of chirping and talking trash without backing it up. Case in point: Leading up to last night’s season finale against the Warriors, The Rockets took a bland and generic quote from Stephen Curry, made something of it, and cackled from Sunday until tip off. Initially, this comment was bland — again, the Warriors just lost a game that they had no business losing and they knew that the talking heads would wonder “What’s wrong with the Warriors” and concocting all kinds of narratives off of this embarrassing loss. Furthermore, the general context of what Curry was trying to say was in the league, there is an opportunity to shake off the loss and there’s an opportunity to redeem themselves against a tough Rockets team. That was the context but the Rockets, from the top down, always have the Warriors in their mouths. In their hearts, annd in their heads. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of goldenstateofmind.com


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