What Consumers Should Know about Medicaid

Medicaid is a crucial program for millions of people. But not everyone understands who’s eligible and the benefits; moreover, the program continues to evolve. Here’s what you and all consumers should know. Medicaid is the Nation’s Largest Public Health Insurance Program. 
Medicaid provides access to critical health and long-term services and supports (commonly called LTSS or long-term care) for nearly 68 million children, parents, low-income adults, older adults and people with disabilities. Medicaid covers prenatal care for millions of women so they can deliver healthy babies, as well as check-ups for more than three in four children in low-income families so they can get off to a healthy start in life. The program is also a lifeline for about 15 percent of older adults, who may receive services not covered by Medicare; and close to half of all adults with self-care disabilities—needing help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and eating—who may receive long-term services and supports to help them stay in their homes and communities where they prefer to age. Read more here >>>

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