What really worked in my 36-year-long journey to health and weight loss

I was born an underweight baby at only 2.2kgs, and till I was eight, continued to be a very thin child. Meal times were nightmarish for my maid—who, my neighbours often remind me, was seen running after me, up and down the length and breath of our building with a plate of food, trying to get me to eat. My paediatrician didn’t think much of it since I was extremely active (I won several sports medals in races even during that ‘skinny’ period), indicating I was consuming just the right amount of nutrients my body needed. My mother, however, thought differently. Being a working mum ridden with guilt (made worse by snide comments from relatives about how ‘sickly’ I looked), she decided to take matters in her own hands against professional advice, and convinced the doctor to put me on a tonic that would ensure I would eat and gain weight. Before I knew it, I was thrice my size, eating enough for two adults. Read more here >>>

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