What’s in a Name? Are We Seniors, Baby Boomers or Something Else?



If there’s one thing that people in their 60's hate, it’s being labelled. After all, we have fought back against stereotypes and boundaries all our lives. Now, as we get a little older, we want to be treated as individuals and tend to reject group names.

The problem with the most common titles is that they come with quite a bit of emotional baggage. “Seniors,” while technically accurate, for those of us older than 60 conjures images of managed care facilities and walking sticks. “Boomers” has a nicer ring to it, but, it seems to say more about our past – how we lived in the 60's and 70's – then the reality of our situation today.

Read on to see more: http://sixtyandme.com/are-we-seniors-boomers-or-biddy/


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