Wheelchair bodybuilders inspire, whether they mean to or not

Brandon Chaner has been working out for a couple of years and hopes to earn a personal trainer certificate someday despite being confined to a wheelchair. And that’s one reason he showed up at the 2019 Wheelchair Nationals bodybuilding competition in West Palm Beach on Saturday. “My chiropractor thought it would be an inspiration for me to get back in the gym and get stronger,” said the 22-year-old from Sunrise. There was no shortage of inspiration at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, where the reigning Mr. Olympia was among those promoting the sport, but Harold Kelley said he’s not trying to inspire. “Inspiration isn’t something you shoot for,” said the 48-year-old Dallas-area resident. “Inspiration is the aftereffect of someone seeing what you’re doing.” Kelley was a bodybuilder years before a 2007 car crash put him in a wheelchair, but he says that made him a better athlete. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of sun-sentinel.com


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