Workplace churn prods more companies to consider hiring seniors

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See Offers ‘Everybody is using everything they can' to find and keep workers, including modifying jobs for retirement-bound baby boomers. On the surface, Maine’s labor pool looks like a puddle of stagnant water. Unemployment is at historically low levels, and only 100 new jobs are projected through 2026 statewide, creating an impression of a withering Maine economy. But that placid surface is deceiving, say recruiters, staffing agencies and state officials. Just under the surface is churn – the constant mix of people starting new jobs and others leaving – that is creating opportunities for job seekers and headaches for employers. To help bridge the gap, businesses are increasingly turning to older workers, especially baby boomers – people born between 1946 and 1964 – who in other eras would be in or nearing retirement by now. Read more here >>>

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