‘You’re not dying alone’: Program uses paramedics to deliver palliative care to patients’ homes

Victor Schofield (right) received palliative care from a paramedic team in Nova Scotia before his death in October 2018. Now, that program is expanding across Canada. Wendy Schofield knew her father Victor didn’t have too much time left, in late October 2018. The 93-year-old had taken a bad turn over the Thanksgiving weekend, waking up unable to walk and rapidly losing his memory and function to dementia. She knew he wanted to die at home – being stuck in a nursing home or hospital was one of his biggest worries, she said – so the family did their best. “I promised him, as long as I was able, we would keep him at home and take care of him,” Schofield said. Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of .globalnews.ca


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