Zuckerberg outlines plan for ‘privacy-focused’ Facebook

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has said he believes secure, private messaging services will become more popular than open platforms. In a blog, Mr Zuckerberg outlined his vision to transform Facebook into a “privacy-focused platform.” Facebook owns Messenger and WhatsApp, but message encryption limits its ability to make money through targeted adverts. The social media giant has come under fire for a series of privacy scandals. In 2018, it emerged that the data of about 50 million users had been harvested and passed on to a political consultancy. “Facebook and Instagram have helped people connect with friends, communities, and interests in the digital equivalent of a town square,” said the billionaire founder of Facebook. “But people increasingly also want to connect privately in the digital equivalent of the living room.” Read more here >>>

thumbnail courtesy of bbc.com


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